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Wardrobe Edit flatlay - grown-up gingham

Every month, fashion editor, blogger and stylist Carly Stevens shares her favourite outfit of the moment… 

Wardrobe Edit style column, Carly Stevens, Style & SubstanceThis month, it’s time to cast aside any aspersions you might have about gingham. While the print has always been synonymous with the summer season (you can blame picnics for that), this time around it is huge news in monochrome – a colour arrangement I can certainly get on board with.

Midi length and featuring bias-cut ruffles that cannot fail to flatter, this skirt has become my go-to for summer chic. Yet with our somewhat schizophrenic seasons, I am still exercising caution when it comes to diving headfirst into hot weather wear, so you shall find me pairing it with a fine-knit cashmere jumper (and a trench on colder days) for now.

I am happy to report that the heels are still out and remain that way with this pair of ruffled mules and, in an effort to be as light and breezy as the weather, I’m packing light with this compact cross-body bag.

Injecting colour with accessories has become my favourite pastime; with a wardrobe of neutral and classic colours, it’s an easy and interchangeable way of having fun with summery shades. This bag works well against my whiter than white pre-holiday skin tone.


Carly Stevens is a fashion editor, blogger and stylist based in Hertfordshire, and can be found blogging at Style & Substance. Every issue, Carly joins us to share her outfit of the month.

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