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Need help dealing with the aftermath of frazzled holiday hair? Or perhaps, like me, you want to get your locks in tip top condition ready for your summer getaway? The Philip Kingsley Prescriptive Hair-Healing Spa Treatment promises to diagnose, treat and prevent stressed or damaged hair, so I went along to their London clinic to test it out….

Philip Kingsley Clinic 2Philip Kingsley clinic outside

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a plush hair salon complete with mood lighting, massage chairs and vases of oversized floral creations. Housed in a stunning mansion house building, this is more reminiscent of a Harley Street clinic and, I suppose that makes sense. For the Philip Kingsley Trichology Clinic near Marble Arch in central London is just that, a clinic, aimed at helping and treating hair problems, issues and concerns. And the expert staff certainly know their stuff – they’re quick to point out that they’re trichologists not hairdressers, this is about identifying problems and improving your hair, not styling you to within an inch of your life to disguise those issues.

‘The Prescriptive Hair-Healing Spa Treatment is an intensive bespoke one-hour treatment – much like a facial for your hair and scalp – that helps to diagnose, treat and prevent stressed or damaged hair from deep inside.’

My hair has been troublesome (to say the least) for as long as I can remember. Super curly, super sensitive to frizz and parched from regular blow dries, it’s fair to say I was expecting the worst from my diagnosis. I had very dry ends and a slightly sunburnt scalp, I was told, but it wasn’t a lost cause and if anything was going to nurse it back to health, I was assured this would.

After the initial diagnosis – which sorts the truths from the hair myths – comes the specially tailored treatment. First was a scalp mask which tingled and invigorated and felt lovely and cooling – a great antidote after rushing down a hot, sweaty Oxford Street to my appointment. Next came a pre-conditioning treatment – in my case using an Elasticizer which promises to strengthen, smooth and enhance shine and bounce. Impressive stuff.

Once my hair was covered I was put under a drier for 15 minutes to steam the hair and allow the product to penetrate the hair more deeply. Almost immediately my hair felt moisturised, glossy and bouncy, which was rather impressive – if a little surprising.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

The treatment was followed by a deeply relaxing 10-minute head massage and a shampoo and condition with the most beautiful lavender-scented products – again, chosen specifically for my hair. It was at this point that I was talked through the importance of shampooing the scalp and conditioning the hair – combing it through the lengths, not brushing it.

Then came a very simple blow-dry using a paddle brush, a hairdryer on a medium heat and the most gentle of movements – starting with the ends – to smooth and de-frizz. Quite a task considering my curly locks! Yet it was immediately bouncy and had a gloss to it that I thought was long gone.

‘What was really impressive were the tips I came away with – not just on how to look after my hair, but how to brush, comb, wash, style and blow dry it for optimum condition.’

It was the perfect opportunity to get all my concerns and questions off my chest – a cathartic process when you were nicknamed ‘bird’s nest hair’ at school! I can’t honestly say that the dramatic results have lasted for weeks, as promised, but I’m in no doubt that the treatment significantly boosted the condition of my hair, adding shine, bounce and an extra hint of gloss and with continuing TLC at home, I’m hoping those dry ends will soon be a thing of the past.


Treatment time: One hour
Cost: £80
Location: The Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic, 54 Green Street, London W1K 6RU.
Tel: 020 7629 4004


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