Lush’s Gabbi Loedolff: My travel beauty essentials

Gabbi Leodolff, Lush

Gabbi Loedolff travels the globe for her work with cosmetics company Lush. Here she shares the beauty essentials she always packs for her travels…

When it comes to travel beauty essentials, a little knowhow can go a long way and with so many clever new beauty products on the market, Lush’s Gabbi Loedolff has sussed the best beauty bag must-haves for your holiday.

I travel as light as I possibly can and like products that are multifunctional,’ says Gabbi, Senior Ethical Buyer for handmade cosmetics company Lush.

‘I also like to use solids where I can as I find they travel really well and I don’t have to worry about liquid restrictions if only taking carry-on luggage.’


Lush - Ultrabland cleanser


Ultrabland facial cleanser. A beautiful cleanser that removes all the grime that can build up on dusty roads and fields, without stripping my skin. It also doubles as a lip balm, eyebrow wax, cuticle cream and is great on sore skin. [pictured: Ultrabland cleanser, £7.25,]


Jojoba oil


Pure jojoba oil (I use organic). This is great as a lightweight moisturiser and fantastic on flights to keep my skin from drying out and going flaky.



Shampoo Bar - Lush


Solid shampoo bars. They last 50-80 washes per bar so I always keep one in my suitcase. When I get caught short, I have been known to use them to wash my clothes too! [pictured: Seanik shampoo bar, £5.95,]



A good blusher. Nothing wakes up my complexion like the right shade of blush, especially when I’m tired or jet-lagged. [pictured: Diorskin Nude Tan blush in pink sunrise, £40,]


Citronella - Holland and Barrett



Citronella oil. Perfect to help keep bugs at bay. [pictured: Miaroma Citronella Pure Essential Oil, £2.99,]


tea tree oil - Lush



Tea Tree essential oil. To put on any cuts or scrapes (or any unexpected breakouts).


Happy Hippy shower gel - Lush



Happy Hippy or Dirty shower gel. To get rid of all the grime that builds up through the day. [pictured: Happy Hippy shower gel, £3.75,]


Eyes Bright mascara - Lush


A quick coat of black mascara always brightens my eyes.



Breath of fresh air toner - Lush


Breath of Fresh Air toner. It contains aloe and seawater to rehydrate the skin. I spritz it on my skin when I’m feeling hot. [pictured: Breath of Fresh Air toner, £7.95,]


The Sunblock - Lush



Sunscreen. I always travel with factor 30+ sunscreen for my face that I wear whenever I’m out and about. [pictured: The Sunblock solid sunscreen wash, £8.95,]




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