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Fresh from releasing her first self-penned album, Making Life Rhyme, we meet British pop legend Lulu as she hits the road on a UK tour that sees her perform hits from an incredible 50-year career.

I’m still curious and excited about my work,’ laughs Lulu67, when asked how she feels about her upcoming UK tour. ‘I can get up on the stage in a way that I have never done before. I know how lucky I am. I have angels on my shoulders.’ 

Lulu – real name Lulu Kennedy-Cairns – has been a recording artist for over 50 years, in a career that has seen her hanging out with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, having a well-publicised affair with David Bowie, marrying a Bee Gee, right through to performing for the first time at Glastonbury in 2015. ‘I’m still kicking, you know,’ she laughs. 

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Lulu describes her new album, Making Life Rhymeas ‘more personal’, explaining that for the first time she’s not afraid to be vulnerable. ‘I was always slightly frightened,’ she says. ‘I had a very violent childhood and could never talk about it. I realised emotionally I never really grew up. I always felt different, and not in a good way. I was awkward. I have had many disappointments and sadness, but over the years, I’ve had to learn to reach out for help.’

Those numerous disappointments include a divorce, in 1995, from her second husband, celebrity hairdresser John Frieda, the father of her son, Jordan. ‘I really thought, you know, that I would die and a part of me did die,’ she says. ‘But I’ve always been a seeker. Looking back, I would tell my younger self that “you are perfect as you are”.’ 

Singer Lulu sat on floor

Lulu can’t wait for the tour to start. ‘I can still sing everything I have ever done and there’s new stuff too,’ she says. ‘There’s a wisdom from the experience and a love of what I do. I want the whole audience to be up on their feet at the end of the night. My band are all young and cool, not one of them is 40. They’re all great musicians and they can all sing. The main thing I want is for people to say “what a great night I had”.’


Lulu’s UK tour runs from 2–31 March 2016. This includes Watford Colosseum on 25 March.


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