Liz Earle’s top beauty tips

Liz Earle Image: John Wilson

Beauty and wellbeing entrepreneur Liz Earle gives us an insight into her everyday beauty tips…


  • I believe in the mantra of cleanse, tone, moisturise. Like many, Cleanse & Polish is the foundation of my daily skincare routine. Then I use Instant Boost Skin Tonic and either Skin Repair for Dry/Sensitive skin or, more recently, I use Superskin moisturiser as a more intensive night time moisturiser.

Liz Earle cleanse and polish

  • Don’t put anything that foams on your face. Foaming detergents can really strip the skin – even those that claim to be gentle – as you’re disrupting that delicate PH balance and the lipid bilayer on the surface of your skin.


  • Use products with a limited number of ingredients. If you look at a product and see 60 different ingredients on the label, just be cautious, because each one of those could be a potential sensitiser.

plant essential oils

  • Good skin cells are created from within and we need fundamentally good nutrition to give us the building blocks to create good skin cells. Just as I use plant oils for formulations to use on the skin, I also use them internally in recipes as well.


The latest edition of the Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine is available to download via Zinio and buy nationwide from WHSmith stores.

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