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Image: Megan Taylor; interior design by 2LG Studio

For a kitchen that is truly unique to you, forget play-it-safe neutrals and go for bold, joyful colour, say interior designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio

Colour is universal and can bring joy to any room, especially a kitchen. For a long time, popular culture and property gurus have been persuading us to keep our kitchens white or neutral to add value for resale, but many of us want to live in our homes and enjoy them without focusing solely on the day we sell.

Image: Megan Taylor; interior design by 2LG Studio

Colour used in the right way can not only make you feel great in your kitchen but it can also add value, as people are increasingly excited to see something different. Fortune favours the brave.

Deep blues and teals are having a major resurgence for kitchens and it’s easy to see why. These colours look wonderful with mixed metals, terracotta tiles, warm woods and concrete flooring.

We love calm shades (whether deep or pale) as it can be manic at times when you’re preparing a meal, so we think anything to help keep you relaxed is a good idea.

Image: Megan Taylor; interior design by 2LG Studio

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Bring your kitchen to life with bursts of uplifting colour in everything from tiles to accessories and lighting



  1. Moda Bar Stool in Teal with Natural/Gold Legs, £119,
  2. Everhot 60 Cooker in Dusky Pink, £4,995,
  3. La Cafetiere Barcelona Cafetiere, £25, Creative Tops at
  5. Normann Copenhagen Tap Stool in Spicy Orange, £136,
  6. Matiere Grise Hegoa Table in Celadon Blue Green, £730,
  7. Welles Bar Stool in Sky Blue, £129,

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