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As one of the biggest musical artists to come out of the UK in the past few years, Jess Glynne has gone from strength to strength after releasing her debut album two years ago. As she prepares to take the stage at Newbury Racecourse this summer, we caught up with her to talk music, sport, and what inspires her to perform. 

This will be your second year playing The Jockey Club Live events around the country, and your first at Newbury Racecourse as part of their Party in the Paddock. What has brought you back?

Firstly, I had a lot of fun last year. Secondly, the support from the Jockey Clubs for charities was really special, and with my love of horses I just couldn’t say no. I’m also really looking forward to my first time at Newbury! I love a bit of fun, so if I have time I’ll definitely go for a wander around.

It’s also great to play in parts of the country that are not on my normal touring circuit, and to see people that I wouldn’t normally reach. My show is full of energy and it should be an amazing experience – I hope everyone leaves with a smile on their face!

Did you place any bets last year?

Yes I did. I snuck out in into the crowd to put a bet on, and came up with a winner! It wasn’t down to my knowing the form though – just luck!

Your autumn arena tour was a huge success; is there a difference between playing these shows, and playing at large scale outdoor summer events?

Every crowd has a different energy, but they don’t differ too much! The band and I love playing live, and we approach the indoor and outdoor events in the same way. The atmosphere at both types of shows is always overwhelmingly amazing, and I love the fact that the songs resonate and touch people, whatever their age or background.

What can the crowd expect from this summer’s show?

I haven’t even got in to rehearsals yet so I don’t know myself -but I can assure you that no one will be left disappointed! It will be even more exciting than last year’s show.

This summer sees you play some interesting sporting grounds – were you into sports at school?

My dad always encouraged me to take part in sports, and I used to really love athletics; I was in most of the teams at school. I also started riding when I was seven or eight with a very good friend of mine, and I’ve loved it ever since. Horses were always one of my favourite animals.  

What first inspired you to be a singer?    

From when I was very young my parents would always be playing me new music. I was obsessed with singing and performing, so I think I always had that in me, but it wasn’t till I left school that I realised it could become a reality. 

When can we expect to hear new music?

I have no idea yet, but hopefully not too long. The new album is still in progress, but I’m trying not to rush anything as I want it all to be perfect.

Do you feel the pressure ahead of the second album?

I have approached this record in the same way that I approached the first, so the pressure is just the same. I think if it ever were to ease off, then it would mean I don’t care as much. 

Did you ever imagine you’d be playing such prestigious sporting venues after one album?

I never imagined any of the things that have happened because of the first album! It’s crazy to look back at all the amazing shows I’ve done over the past three years. It’s such an incredible feeling to be able to play at these renowned venues all around the country, and that’s something I’ll always cherish.  


 Party in the Paddock is on 22nd July at Newbury Racecourse. Purchase tickets here now.

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