Finishing Touches

Whether you’re completing an extension or a renovation project, or just fancy a change, updating the details can make a dramatic difference

A new front door is like the cherry on the cake and a sure-fire way to ramp up your property’s curb appeal. Director of Urban Front, Elizabeth Assaf, says: ‘As the first thing people see, your front door needs to fit into the overall aesthetic of your house, but also draw and welcome your visitors in. Impact and style is what you should be aiming for. A good front door adds value, and with the right accessories improves the overall feel of your house. Matching your doors to cladding, windows or a garage door can be effective, or choose a colour that pops to give the “wow” effect. Thinking of your door as a piece of furniture is the best way to go about it. It should work with everything else in its surroundings, in and out, and should be as big as possible with enough glass to bring in light.’

Unlike tiles or lino, resin floor and wall coverings offer a flawless effect, plus, you can customise and colour match it for a bespoke look. Founder of Sphere8, Alex Dennis, explains: ‘Seamless resin coverings make perfect surfaces for almost any space. Not only do they create a calm aesthetic by linking rooms together and effortlessly pulling off the illusion of increased space, but they also have practical advantages, such as removing the lines associated with modular surfaces. They are also easy to clean (no joins or seams) and offer exceptional underfoot comfort and bounce thanks to the plant-oil polymers used as the backbone of the products. Trending in residential installations are cool and light off-white blended colours (known as a Motion finish) for floors, with walls seeing a resurgence in pastel and oxide faux-concrete effect, using the Sphere8 rock resin plaster wall covering, which creates a calm canvas for owners to style their space.’

Stone needn’t feel cold or uninviting. Tiles and surfaces in natural materials can look beautifully inviting and will be long-lasting, too. Director of Stone Circle, Steve Vanhinsbergh, explains: ‘Stone makes a great choice for both tiles and worktops as it is hardwearing and will last a lifetime. Granite, travertine and limestone are often chosen for use as tiles in kitchens and ground-floor living areas. Whichever you pick, they come in a huge range of colours and different finishes to suit any style of room. Granite and quartz are generally used for worktops and can be customised with straight lines or curves, or a routed drainer for example. The trend is quite monochrome at the moment, with greys and whites at one end of the scale, and black at the other, but traditional granites in various colours are still popular, too.’

Thinking about opting for wooden flooring? Founder and MD of Ted Todd, Robert Walsh, has this advice: ‘You update fittings, furniture and wallcoverings regularly, but you’ll live with a wood floor for decades, which is why it’s worth investing as much as you can. Strong statement wood floors in different patterns, textures and designs are key interior trends this year, with herringbone, chevron blocks and parquet floors featuring in many projects. It’s very much the year for decoration and every surface is considered – this starts from the floor up. These styles can be used in any size space, with the floor acting as a unifier between rooms. There are no hard and fast rules about which tone will work best in your space, but always make sure you get a sample of the floor for colour matching.’


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