Amanda Byram’s Healthy Granola

Make a healthy breakfast granola from scratch with TV personality, fitness guru and 9BAR ambassador Amanda Byram…

Breakfast is essential to keep us on the right track through the day and granola is a great option for those who like to eat well. Sadly, shop-bought varieties are very often high in fat and loaded in sugar, so we’ve spoken to TV personality and fitness guru Amanda Byram on how to make homemade granola that not only tastes delicious, but is great for your health to boot!

‘Taking the time to make your own breakfast granola is well worth it. My favourite ingredients to include are oats, nuts and seeds,’ she tells us.

‘They’re all natural sources of energy-boosting magnesium, which means they’re brilliant to eat before a workout or keeping you energised through your morning.’


Watch Amanda Byram’s guide to making your own delicious homemade Granola with a few simple nuts and seeds below…

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